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Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA
How to find the perfect Christmas gift with 7Magok

How to find the perfect Christmas gift with 7Magok

Who are you buying for?

Buying furniture as a gift is a thoughtful gesture that should never be rushed. It is important to really understand the needs and preferences of the family member or friend in question.

First, are you clear about the type of furniture or wooden item they need in their home? Have they been bemoaning a lack of storage or expressed a desire to replace a tired or broken item of furniture (bedside table, coffee table, outside bench, etc.)?

If not, you may need to become an amateur sleuth, asking subtle questions and, if possible, visiting the recipient's home and looking for clues as to what they might need.

While you are fact-finding, make sure you think about the person's preferred style. That way you can be sure that your chosen gift will fit in with their existing furniture and decor.

Fortunately, most of the furniture we craft at 7Magok is available in a range of styles. Would your loved one appreciate the pristine, elegant lines of a Scandi piece or would the rugged warmth of rustic furniture suit their home more?

Do they prefer the no-nonsense industrial style with its raw wood and bare metal? Check out the furniture we have made from reclaimed board and box steel or metal hairpin legs.

Personalised engraved wooden gifts

For the ultimate personal touch, consider having your item of furniture engraved with a heartfelt message. All of our furniture is handmade and therefore customisable, which includes the ability to add beautiful engravings.

Simply send us a message with your custom request to: and we will get back to you.

Give a gift to the planet

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of Christmas, and they want to do whatever they can to reduce their ecological footprint.

Our furniture is lovingly crafted from either reclaimed wood or FSC-certified sustainable wood - mainly oak. By supporting artisans rather than mass furniture producers, you can do your bit to protect ancient forests.

What's popular at 7Magok?

While trends do shift, there are several pieces of furniture that would make ideal Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Reclaimed wood record stand. Many people still enjoy the authentic sound of vinyl. Why not get your music-loving partner the perfect record player stand for Christmas?
  • His and hers bedside tables. The humble bedside table can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Add a custom engraving for the most heart-warming Christmas gift.
  • WFH desk. Is a family member 'making do' by working on the coffee table? Consider getting them their own sustainable oak desk. You could even engrave a motivational quote to help them focus on success.

All of our category pages include authentic customer reviews at the bottom, so these can give you an idea of what pieces of furniture are most popular.

Can't choose: how about a 7Magok gift card?

If you just can't decide on what to get that special someone, you can help them find their own personalised engraved wooden gifts or furniture by sending them a 7Magok gift card.

Available in several denominations from £25 up to £500, you can purchase a sustainable furniture gift card that is right for your budget. Visit our dedicated Gifts page for more details about our gift cards and our popular furniture and storage items.

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