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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA


Custom and personalized orders

All our "made to order" products stand as Custom order as these are Made specially for the client who order it. Therefore we can't accept returns on made to order products except they are damaged or defective

What kind of timber do you use?

Unless otherwise specified, all timber is reclaimed pine scaffolding board from a local scaffolding yard - it has varying degrees of wear and tear from it's years spent on building sites... This wood has unique character and we do not use a 4-sided planer or mill the wood to remove the original salvaged patina on the wood and make the surface look perfect and square on all edges. Your furniture may have nail holes, saw marks, staining and natural curves and bowing in the wood... It may have nicks and dents and texture, stains and splits. We can sand the wood to create a functional smooth writing, dining, or seating surface whilst maintaining the original aged aesthetic as much as possible

Custom and personalized orders

However, we never use really badly damaged or bowed pieces which would affect its overall performance. What we are saying is that this wood has some character and soul to it. If you aren’t positive that is your style and/or you are looking for a very modern, highly finished, milled perfectly squared surface you may be at the wrong place. Additionally, there is variation in the colour of the boards and some are lighter or a bit darker. All pieces are unique and will vary slightly in character and colour from the exact pieces on our shop. The boards are never square or flat... they are twisted and bowed in all directions possible... If we have any severely warped or bowed boards we reject them, but we have to pass tolerances of 2-3cm