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How bespoke, handmade garden furniture will benefit your home or business

How bespoke, handmade garden furniture will benefit your home or business

What is the value of your reputation?

Whether we admit it or not, we all want our friends and family members to have a positive opinion about our furniture choices. Handmade, customised wooden furniture, with its unique character, marks the owner out as someone who values individuality and has a sense of style.

For a business, reputation is even more important. A cafe, pub or restaurant that takes the time to customise its furniture will stand out from the competition.

Buy cheap, buy twice!

While mass production is efficient, suppliers often cut costs through using low quality materials. This can include weak or fragile wood, flimsy joinery and metal that is vulnerable to rusting over time. By prioritising speed and automation, production errors can be missed, leading to product failure.

In contrast, handmade furniture is usually made from robust, durable materials, and it is put together by craftspeople who take pride in their work. Established companies will have perfected in-house processes leading to exceptional joinery and finishing. For example, we follow the same time-honoured joinery techniques for all of our tables before applying three coats of eco-friendly hard oil wax.

Just think: your garden furniture will be exposed to rain, sun, wind, frost, hail and more. If it fails to survive, you might be shopping for replacements sooner than you think!

Providing you care for your furniture, quality handmade garden furniture will serve you for many seasons to come.

Why sustainability matters

Bespoke, handmade garden furniture is often more eco-friendly than mass-produced, machine-built alternatives. But just to be sure, we highly recommend you ask where a furniture company sources its materials.

For example, we use either FSC certified European oak or reclaimed scaffold board for our outdoor wooden tables and benches. In other words, our timber is from 100% sustainable sources.

Even if the environment is not your number one priority, consider the following...

People are becoming more aware of the damage that trading in cheap wood from fast-wood plantations or, conversely, rare wood from rainforests, causes. They are likely to judge the furniture they see in homes and businesses they visit. What will they say about your choices?

That cycles us right back to your reputation. Most of us want to make a good impression on the neighbours, and that includes being seen to be considerate to our planet - and our children's future.

As for businesses, you can be sure that savvy owners will be openly broadcasting their decision to install ethical, handmade, custom garden furniture. This is particularly attractive to those customers who value quality, and that can lead to more spend per customer.

That's why we think investing in quality can pay off in so many ways.

Ready to see some handmade, bespoke garden furniture from Devon?

At 7Magok, we lovingly craft custom, handmade garden furniture in our Devon workshop. Made from single staves of sustainable oak or reclaimed scaffold board, our tables and benches don't deplete our planet's dwindling resources.

Our outdoor dining tables, on rust-resistant steel legs, can be tailored to suit any garden, patio, balcony or conservatory space.

For example, we can make petite, round tables for two or large, extendable tables that can seat up to six. Our chunky outdoor table and bench sets provide a comfortable and functional base for summer picnics.

Exuding warmth and character, and available in several finishes, we are confident you will find a table for your specific needs. Please visit our dedicated Outdoor Furniture page.

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