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How you can make a powerful first impression by customising one of our handmade coffee tables

How you can make a powerful first impression by customising one of our handmade coffee tables

Have you had a look at our range of handmade coffee tables yet? As this article will explain, your coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Taking your time to choose the right one will be worth it in the long run.

handmade oak coffee table

Why coffee tables are more important than you might think

When buying furniture for the home, the humble coffee table is sometimes treated as a bit of an afterthought. In most cases, this is a mistake. In some homes, the coffee table is often the first piece of furniture a visitor will encounter.

Well-built handmade coffee tables immediately mark the homeowner out as someone who is willing to invest a little extra on quality products. This subtly sends out a good first impression which can make it easier to make a friend, secure support or close a deal.

Some families use the coffee table as one of the main unifying spaces of the home. For example, they might migrate from the dining room table to the coffee table in the evening. Handmade coffee tables tend to be tougher and more durable than mass-produced alternatives. In fact, they are sometimes used as temporary seating so need to be strong enough to bear some weight.

Within our range of handmade coffee tables, there is a lot of variation because of the different styles of table top, legs, shapes and sizes on offer. This next section will take you through these distinctions.

Coffee Tables - handmade coffee tables

Handmade coffee tables for all styles and spaces

To help simplify your task of finding the best coffee table for your home, we have broken the decision points into four areas: top style, leg style/material, size and shape.

Top style:

No two pieces of oak are alike. Although we always select from the highest quality staves, the exact piece we choose for a coffee table top is determined by the aesthetic style of the table we are creating.

For example, our European prime oak coffee tables need to express that chic, modern Scandi style. Therefore, our designers carefully scrutinise each piece of wood to keep knots, colour variations and other imperfections to a bare minimum.

In contrast, those designers will actively seek out knots and distortions when building a coffee table with a rustic feel.

Each of our reclaimed coffee tables, which are made from old scaffold boards, are designed to tell their unique story. So these can show even more of their 'battle scars' (nail holes, saw marks, spray paint, etc.)

Leg style:

Do you want your home to give off a modern feel or a vintage, retro vibe? A simple difference in coffee table leg design can make all the difference.

Tapered wooden Danish style legs in prime oak will show neighbours and other visitors that you are up to date and on trend. In contrast, a set of three-rod hairpin legs will evoke a nostalgic sentiment. You can even upgrade the colour finish to tie in with (or stand out from) the rest of your decor.

Size and shape:

The ideal size of your coffee table will be a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Think carefully about how your family actually uses (or would use) your coffee table. If you are a couple who like to enjoy a cup of coffee and a biscuit in the mid-morning, a petite 60cm table may be fine.

If your coffee table is the hub of the home, piled high with board games, books and the occasional TV dinner, you might want to opt for something closer to our 140cm x 80cm rectangular coffee table.

When it comes to shape, this is more a case of personal preference, although circular tables are less likely to catch the head of an energetic toddler!

Sustainable wooden handmade coffee tables

Are you ready to see what options are available for your home? Visit our dedicated Coffee Tables page and please contact us if you have any questions.

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