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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA

Locally and Sustainably Sourced Reclaimed Scaffold Board Wood

Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

WHY Reclaimed Wood Furniture

At 7MAGOK we celebrate the charm of the wear and tear that has come from its previous life. Splits, dents, nail holes, saw marks, spray paint, staining and natural curves and bowing in the wood are all distinctive qualities that give your furniture a unique feel, as no two pieces will be exactly the same. 

We hand-make each piece using the same joinery and surface treatment and carefully craft the furniture to assure that its a sound, solid and lasting piece, that is beautiful and functional at the same time.

Huge quantities of wood are used to make furniture every year. Environmental organisations are fighting to promote the responsible use of wood. Through simple things like opting for eco-friendly furniture, you can make a difference.

Eco-friendly furniture is created in a way that has minimum negative impact on the planet. Sustainable furniture made from recycled materials, is ideal if you’re a true environmentalist.

A popular trend at the moment and increasingly promoted in interior design magazines, old wood looks amazing and if it is combined with the right colours and accessories, it will give your house an original look that will impress all your guests.

Images in the product pages are for reference only. 

Please note that wooden furniture expands and contracts in response to seasonal and environmental changes, see our blog for information on how to care for your 7Magok products.