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New Collection inspired by our customers! KANTAR Oak Furniture, Scandi Style!

New Collection inspired by our customers! KANTAR Oak Furniture, Scandi Style!

Today we launched our new KANTAR collection.

We are so proud as this collection was inspired by our Round Oak Table on Danish Tapered legs.

This oak table has been a best seller for almost a year now!

We think the reason is because we have mixed a few things together to make it the perfect addition to our customers living room or dining room.

Round oak table handmade in the UK, sustainable, ethical, scandi style.

Firstly and always primarily its made from 100% locally & sustainably sourced, FSC certified Prime European oak.

 The oak comes in full staves which means our woodsmen have full control and can create a beautiful flow of natural grain through the length of the table. So trust me, it’s frankly beautiful!

Round oak dining table UK Popular in the US

Another unique feature about this oak table top is that we have skilfully introduced a gorgeous tapered edge to the table - which makes it lighter in feeling whilst retaining its heavy natural oak wood table characteristics.

The Scandinavian influence runs through the sleek design and we celebrate this tapered edge of the table top with similarly beautifully tapered legs. These legs are also made from the same full stave oak and therefore compatible in style and strength. Our craftsmen spend time carefully selecting the legs so that the grains are similar.

Many of our customers are looking for Vintage? Or even industrial style and finally end up with these Mid Century Modern Scandi inspired dining tables as they are so compatible with so many interiors.

So, we’ve addressed the style, the material, the ethical value and the warmth of feel of an oak table. But why make a collection out of it?

Well, it seems that our customers are asking for more of this style ! We've had so many requests of coffee tables and even desks of the same style to match the look. So this collection is a nod to Scandinavian design, a nod to sustainable living, a nod to the quality oak, and also its a direct response straight from our customers!

It’s also tied in closely with another phenomena that we’ve noticed.

Not only is our oak furniture super popular for our UK customers, but in the past year our friends across the pond have also discovered the beauty of our sustainable oak dining tables ! We’ve had a huge wave of customer from all corners of the USA.

We love that we’re getting noticed from such distant lands:)

US Flag - celebrating the success of our oak tables in the USA

So today apart from launching our new range and celebrating it’s success we also want to welcome our new customers from nearby and far away!

We would like to express our gratitude with our expanding US market and are excited to launch a raffle to win a beautiful piece of KANTAR furniture! to enter all you need to do is tell us why do you choose us? only takes 30 seconds....

>> If you would like to participate click here!

Prize draw to win a scandi style solid oak coffee table

Remember fill out the form before the 31 August!

Good luck!!!

The collection includes :

Round Solid Oak Dining Table

Round Oak Coffee Table

Oak Home Office Desk

Solid Oak Table set and Benches

Check them out !


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