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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA
Together we're better!

Together we're better!

On 13 December 2022 7MAGOK will be celebrating its 7th anniversary. It was on that auspicious day back in 2015 that we first opened our sustainable furniture Etsy shop.

7 years of hard work, fun and love for what we do have most certainly paid off, and we’re happy and proud to have sold over 5000 reclaimed wood and oak tables and received over 1000 wonderful reviews during that time.

When looking back and reflecting on the highs and lows of the past seven years we came to the realisation that the key element to our success is our "togetherness". And so to celebrate this anniversary we want to celebrate not only our togetherness but also our customers too!

All our customers are making a big commitment to buy something special for their homes, a commitment to us and a commitment their families. Over the chritsmas period we want to offer something special!

Outdoor wood bench and table set UK Devon - Maya and Agus and fish n chips

Agus and Maya got together in 2003 when they met while working in Borough Market, London. Maya was making documentary films and Agus worked in marketing by day and was a butcher on the weekends:). Agus from Argentina and Maya from Devon via - Poland and South Africa, what a mix! They fell in love and have been together for nearly 20 years!

Early on in their relationship they craved something different to the hustle and bustle of London life upped sticks and spent some time living remotely in Patagonia. (Read about that adventure here.)

In the remote mountains of Chile and Argentina they took joy from the natural surroundings and Agus honed his skills by upcycling and becoming an expert in natural construction. The immense energy and natural grandioseness of wood made it clear to Agus and Maya that they had to spread this love and offer it to the world!

Agus believes that the beauty and warmth of the natural wood and scaffold boards he uses in our sustainable furniture are of huge benefit to any home. Our tables are strong and durable and give stability to their owners, family, children, it's the centre piece to any home and the central concentration of people for dinner parties and birthday cakes and family games.

Extendable table for games and dinner parties and xmas and festive period.

So, on their return to Blightey, Agus and Maya upcycled their own relationship and quickly realised that their different characteristics and skills could complement each other if used in partnership and that by working together as a team their individual skills would only strengthen. With a common desire to build a sustainable future company for themselves and their family they set the ball rolling for 7MAGOK.

Their strong, flourishing partnership is representative of all that 7MAGOK does. Our high-quality tables and oak dining sets are all ethically made, and Agus has put his passion for recycling reclaimed wood into wonderful, one-off pieces of custom made furniture in a variety of styles. Vintage, Rustic, Industrial, Contemporary, Farmhouse reclaimed wood tables and desks. You name it, we make it!

Love and togetherness are the mainstays of Agus and Maya’s relationship and in celebration of this and our 7MAGOK, 7 year anniversary we have decided to launch a new “TOGETHER” Campaign.

We aim to work together with our customers over the next three months to celebrate this idea! Our Together Campaign will give our customers even more opportunities to benefit from our personalisation and customisations so that they too can send their love messages to their loved ones.

The festive season will soon be upon us and what could be more important than spending time with family and friends around a beautiful, legacy dining table that will last for generations to come? Seasons come and go but memories, and some tables, last forever. With this in mind we will be launching two brand new eco-friendly ranges FIESTA Collection and TANGO Collection that have been inspired by Agus and Maya’s story. The reclaimed wood and solid oak tables are designed to for small gatherings as well as large gatherings where we have added a selection of unique extendable tables to the collection.

Our Tango collection also contains unique small dining and kitchen tables ; romantic and full of character and even a Kitchz Kitchen formica table for singles and couples without children to spoil the fun :)!

To give our customers the opportunity to really share their love for their table, their loved one, their new home, their children.. we’re offering free engraving on all our tables. Now you can write your own secret personalised message to be enjoyed for decades after.

We also have a set of unique reclaimed wood furniture designed to give as a present. Furniture as a present you wonder? Yes, why not ? We have all sorts or unique sustainable premium gifts. We have beautiful rustics bedside tables or cabinets, we have a gorgeous range of reclaimed wood Vinyl record stands, including vinyl record storage. Wow, solid oak coffee tables and something even more special our one off Industrial steel piping clothes rail! So check out our gorgeous range of his and hers gift range !  
So check out our website and blog over the next few months for more lovely gift ideas

So, congratulations Agus and Maya and to all at 7MAGOK. Here’s to the next seven years! Onwards and upwards! Let’s carry on celebrating and creating. Together.

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