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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA

Handmade furniture, made with love, just for you

Our Mission

Handmade ethical furniture, made with love, just for you.

We are a family run business that cares about the people we make for, the people who help us make, and the materials that help us create this unique furniture. Our aim is to help our customers realise their “dream home space” because we believe that the home is the beating heart of every family.

We achieve our vision by:

  1. Creating the highest quality, durable, sustainable furniture from recycled items, keeping things simple and true to the material we use.
  2. Providing a friendly, honest and thoughtful interaction with our customers.
  3. Keeping always in mind that we are a vehicle for people happiness and well-being through items that they purchase from us, this is important throughout the customer journey and their experience with 7MAGOK.