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Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA

Learning Natural Construction Whilst Living in the Remote High Andes

Once upon a time in Patagonia

15 years ago, Maya and Agus decided to make a major change to their busy London lives. Inspired by South American indigenous cultures and a drive to get back in touch with nature, family and their spirituality, they travelled to the Andes in Patagonia to start a new life.

Living in the remote High Andes, they developed a new way of living, a more resourceful life, an appreciation for nature their surroundings and themselves. Totally “off-grid”, they lived and learned to be in harmony with nature. 

They developed skills to make their new home from the wood and materials available around them. As the local community grew, Agus developed his passion and skill for this type of “Natural Construction”. He built homes with wood, clay, straw bales and other natural materials.

5 years later and with four new additions to their young family, they came home with a new mission. To make beautiful things from materials that were thrown away! To reuse the unreusable! To bring back the joy and beauty of the old and the natural.
Soon Agus was invited on a project to build an Eco-home in Totnes.

In his spare time, he up-cycled furniture that was thrown away, and grew his reputation as a talented furniture maker.

The first reclaimed scaffold table came together whilst renovating a local cottage. The boards were left abandoned by previous builders who didn’t see their potential. Agus however fell in love with them, he appreciated their character and could see how they could once again shine!

They didn’t know then, that this would be the first of many thousands of pieces that 
7MAGOK would make.