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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA

Proud of our Dedicated and Talented Team or Woodsmen and Carpenters

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Specialists, Authentically Handmade

At 7MAGOK, all our reclaimed furniture is handmade by our talented team of wood craftsmen in our Devonshire workshop in the UK. Each has his unique specialisation and talents, and together we ensure that quality, sustainability and longevity are our main priorities.

Gabor or "Sitting Bear" is our specialist woodworker. His knowledge, experience and eye for detail means that we prepare and nurture the wood to ensure that our reclaimed wood tables are of the highest quality.

Tim, our very own Devonshire "Ryan Gosling" lookalike, is our lead Joiner - his traditional joinery techniques ensure that our reclaimed tables and other unique pieces have a natural strength to stand the test of time.

Roger, is a master of finishing carpentry. His 40 years of experience has given him an encyclopaedic knowledge of wood treatment and finishing techniques. Roger ensures that every reclaimed wood table leaves our worship in perfect condition and ready for its new long life in its new home.

Agus the "Wizard of Dartmoor" is the workshop director and lead craftsmen. His passion for sustainability, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service means that every table, bench, console or stand is rigorously scrutinised to ensure not only it meets the highest quality but also its impact on our environment.

There are no problems in Agus's mind, just solutions! This means that all your personalisations and customisations are thought over and delivered with precise attention to detail. He loves his job, his company, his craftsmen and that his reclaimed wood is brought to life - but most of all, he cares that his customers have had excellent service from start to finish.