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The benefits of sustainable furniture

The benefits of sustainable furniture

Saving our precious forests

Of all the benefits of buying sustainable furniture, the most important is protecting what remains of our ancient and precious forest and woodland habitats. Whether it's taking trees directly from poorly managed forests or clearing swathes of woodland to make way for fast-growing plantations, unsustainable timber production is not only devastating global ecosystems, it's destroying the very resource that supports the furniture industry.

As its name suggests, sustainable wood is a renewable resource. By only sourcing timber from FSC-certified forests, we know that for every tree we use, more of the same type will be planted. We also sell reclaimed wood furniture which contributes to the circular economy. Rather than using freshly felled wood for each item of furniture, we are recycling wood that has already been in use.

Forests also store around 45% of the world's carbon. Chopping down or, even worse, burning trees, releases that carbon back into the atmosphere where it contributes to global warming.

Quality sustainable furniture is built to last

Sustainability and quality often go hand in hand, especially when craftspeople embrace an ecological approach. Not only are the materials themselves responsibly sourced, but the quality of the joinery and finishing means that a piece of furniture looks better and is more durable than its mass-produced equivalent. This makes it more likely to be handed down, sold or donated rather than dumped into landfill.

Every time a piece of furniture is re-used, that's a piece of furniture that doesn't have to be produced from scratch. Think about all the resources that saves!

How toxic chemicals can hide within mass-produced furniture

When furniture comes off a production line, the factories are often focused on minimising costs and maximising productivity. This can mean that toxic chemicals are introduced into the process because they cost less or are suited to mass-production processes (e.g., quick-drying, easy to apply, etc.)

Some of these chemicals have been found to have an adverse affect on human health. For example, some are known to be cancer-causing, some are linked to hormonal changes, and others trigger conditions such as skin irritation or asthma in children and sensitive adults.

In smaller scale, sustainable furniture outlets such as 7Magok, there is finer control over what chemicals are applied to each piece of furniture. Oils and finishes will be chosen based on their quality rather than price or convenience and, as a result, are often better for human health.

Sustainable furniture is on trend

Celebrities from Woody Harrelson and Gisele Bundchen to Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore have been outspoken about sustainability and have actively supported tree preservation and the circular economy.

As a result, buying sustainable furniture is now seen as cool and trendy rather than something to be ashamed of. Reclaimed furniture - furniture that has been fashioned from pre-existing materials - is particularly stylish due to the uniqueness of every piece. For example, our reclaimed scaffolding board furniture honours the life of the wood by preserving every nail hole, saw mark and patch of spray paint.

If you prefer a chic, Scandi-style look, you might be interested in our FSC-certified prime oak pieces. Or you can browse our range of rustic farmhouse-style oak furniture where our craftspeople have chosen staves for their warmth and character.

With a range of finishes, styles and colours to choose from, you can easily tie your furniture into your existing decor.

Find out more about our responsibly sourced and reclaimed furniture on our dedicated Sustainable Furniture page.

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