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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA
ETSY Star Seller Award for Excellent Customer Service

ETSY STAR SELLER 8 Months in a row!

So, this is the start of our humble blog.

I guess the first thing we should do is introduce ourselves.

We are 7MAGOK, and we make handmade, sustainable reclaimed wood furniture from our eco-friendly workshop deep in the Devonshire countryside in the UK. We specialise in reclaimed wood and recycled wood tables, desks and other beautifully unique delights for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and home offices! And of course, some wonderfully rustic or industrial outdoor furniture.

Did I mention that most of our sustainable furniture is made from recycled and rejuvenated UK Scaffold board wood? Wood that, had we not brought back to life, would be in some scrap heap or on someone's bonfire, counting the hours until its demise (just saying ).

We have found much of our success on What a marketplace! It exposed us to the world of sustainable handmade furniture shoppers and little by little we began to build our sustainable furniture business:)

Today, we are launching our new website !! YAY! It's been years in the making. Like with most small businesses self-promotion is always left to the end of the day when you’re totally knackered and all you really want is to curl up with a nice cup of Tetley tea and an episode of EastEnders:) but with our passion for making our ethical furniture business grow and building our team of wood craftsmen we dedicated all our resources to make it happen! And now you’re reading our humble story on our website, which makes us very proud!

Today was a special day in the world of reclaimed wood table global shops! Today we received an email from congratulating us on providing a service that is quite simply, exemplary. We have been voted ETSY Star Seller this month, something we’ve managed to do consistently ever since the scheme began eight months ago.

In order to become an Etsy Star Seller, customer satisfaction is paramount. Etsy writes in its letter of congratulations that, of 5.2 million Etsy sellers, 7MAGOK is “one of only 0.5% to earn a Star Seller badge for a consecutive eight months”. WOW ! We were totally astonished and, needless to say, very proud!

We are competing with millions of handmade sustainable furniture and gift shops globally to provide a service that is clearly in maximum demand. Our workshop is totally punching above its weight, recycling scaffold and oak wood into beautiful tables and desks for a global market. OK, last few but incredible statistics that we experienced this month - read this: 99% response rate - means that we always available for questions or queries 100% dispatch rate means that when we say it will be delivered it will! 96% 5 Star Rating - no need to expand on this one :) 100% giving positive feedback. So how are we achieving this?

Well, firstly, recycling wood is Agus’s mission and he, along with the rest of our small but highly dedicated team, believes strongly in what we are doing, namely, promoting sustainable living while creating things of beauty, and especially making a positive difference in people’s lives. Love is a much overused word, but when it comes to asking ourselves what makes us different, it's the word that first springs to mind.

Firstly, we love what we do! Our craftsmen take pleasure in creating beautiful furniture, and they are also fully aware of  the impact of the furniture in people's homes! The table is the heart of home - so when we are making a round table we really believe it's the place where the family expresses its love! Sometimes laughter, sometimes play, other times arguments - but it's all part and parcel of family life. The love for our customers might sound a bit OTT - but it's true.!

We provide something that lives and breathes in people's homes; without our customers we can't do what we do! Every member of the team is fully invested in the company’s ethos, and they will leave no stone unturned in their quest to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Agus and Maya believe that apart from making quality sustainable furniture, the customer experience is fundamental to delivering and nurturing this love for their new furniture.

If the customer feels satisfied with the process of buying their reclaimed desk or rustic round table, they will associate this experience with the end piece.

Here is what Nat said about us this month: “I've searched high and low for an industrial round table that would meet all my expectations and which would complement the space I had for it. I've found it with this round table. It's simply beautiful, well made, sturdy. I love everything about it, the design, the smoothness of the table top, the craftsmanship. Customer service is great too. I'd definitely buy again.”

Things sadly don’t always go to plan and there are occasions when pieces need to be returned because of damage caused during delivery. But the difference is, is that we are always on hand, over the phone or chat or email and will do our utmost to help as much as possible should this happen. It can't be emphasized enough that customer satisfaction is our utopia!

Here is what Kelli said about us this month. “Our extendable reclaimed wood table is beyond beautiful and expands so easily. Unfortunately, the middle pieces got a little beat up during shipping. However, the customer service was amazing. We were provided a repair kit and step-by-step instructions of how to fix it. Agus made sure we were happy with the solution and was very responsive to all of our questions and concerns.”

I think another reason why our customers return to us is the fact that long after a piece of furniture has been installed into someone’s home, office or business, the customer can bask happily in the knowledge that having invested in a piece of reclaimed wood furniture, he or she has done their bit to support the environment, at the same time making their own home and way of living more sustainable.

All our sustainable furniture is made from reclaimed, recycled and salvaged wood which has obvious eco-friendly benefits.

Anna Mulholland, May 2022: “This is the second piece of reclaimed furniture I have bought from 7MAGOK. The quality is fantastic. Very easy to put together. Service and communication very good throughout the whole process. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend them.”

Well, it's nice for me to write this, as it reminds me why we do what we do! Why it's play and not just work for us every day! It reminds me that when it's rainy and cold outside, and we’re feeling a little lazy or down in the dumps, someone out there is enjoying our ethically made tables and enjoying the love that it brings!

The next instalment will include our tips on "How to be an ETSY STAR SELLER!

See you then!



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