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Extending dining tables to fit the whole family for Christmas

Extending dining tables to fit the whole family for Christmas

3 benefits of extendable dining tables: space, capacity and cost-efficiency

When it comes to hosting relatives and friends at Christmas, the main benefit of extending dining tables is, of course, seating capacity. In fact, some extendable dining tables pull out to more than double their compact size.

Unlike huge static dining tables though, which can dominate a room, extendable dining tables can be folded away after dinner. Over Christmas, this can make space for post-dinner festive activities like party games and dancing. In the longer term, a compact dining table frees up space for hassle-free movement (no more bumped hips!) while making the area much easier to clean.

While few people would consider buying two dining tables, the limitations of a static table often results in homeowners buying extra furniture to get the flexibility they need.

For example, they might buy a large coffee table for the living room as an 'overflow' table for when the dining room gets crowded. Or they might get fed up with the hassle of dragging benches out for a small breakfast and decide to buy themselves a small kitchen island.

Extending dining tables are a much more cost-effective option. Investing in one could save you hundreds of pounds in the long run, enough for one or more benches.

6 things to look for when buying extendable dining tables

Extending dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, and the quality (outside of 7Magok!) can vary considerably. When shopping for a Christmas dining table, we recommend you look for the following:

  • Strength and durability. Like puppies and kittens, dining tables should definitely not be 'just for Christmas.' From the materials used to the joinery to the finish, make sure the supplier prioritises quality. Needless to say, a handmade table crafted by artisans will always last longer than a mass-produced one.
  • A simple mechanism. Over-designed, gimmicky extending mechanisms are often hard to operate, fragile and prone to going wrong. The best extending tables rely on strong materials, quality fittings and a simple design.
  • Optimum size. Before buying, we recommend you work out the perfect size for both the compact and extended version of your table. You will often find that a table comes in different versions (e.g., 90 to 150cm or 90 to 190cm), so it helps to know in advance which one would suit your space.
  • Customisation. It is rare for any item of furniture to tick all the boxes. While you may need to make some compromises with your dining table, you may be able to request customisation to your needs, especially with handmade tables.
  • Eco credentials. The state of the planet is a hot topic, and many families will be discussing the environment over Christmas dinner. By ensuring your dining table is sourced from sustainable materials, you can make a quiet (or vocal) statement about your commitment to green ideals.
  • Style options. From elegant, contemporary to warm, rustic to no-nonsense industrial, every home has its preferred aesthetic, and you will want to make sure your dining table reflects yours. When thinking about style, don't forget seating. Do you need to buy matching chairs or benches? Will your existing chair legs resonate with the legs of your table?

Browse quality handmade extending dining tables from 7Magok

Please visit our dedicated extendable dining tables page to explore our current collection. We also have a range of benches that can help you maximise your seating capacity this Christmas.

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