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Bespoke furniture: How to find the ideal Christmas gift at 7Magok

Bespoke furniture: How to find the ideal Christmas gift at 7Magok

Give a gift that solves a specific problem

It is natural to think of gift-giving as adding something to a person's life, but you can reach a whole new level of inspiration by thinking about what problems you can save them from.

While a novel gift can bring plenty of short-term fun, removing a negative aspect of a loved one's life offers long-term satisfaction. It can even lead to a permanent and positive change in their lives.

For example, a beautiful sustainable oak dining table could give a closet party host the confidence to open up their home to new friends and rekindle family bonds.

But how can you find out what problems your friends and relatives are struggling with? Here are two simple strategies that can help you open a window into their world:

Listen out for clues

When it comes to gift-giving, every conversation becomes a potential source of data, so put on your Miss Marple head and keep an ear out for clues.

Is your son or daughter constantly complaining about losing their homework books? Is a 'work from home' relative moaning about never having anywhere to take a Zoom call in private? Perhaps a new office or study desk would take away the clutter and hassle from their working day.

Does a family member or friend apologise for a piece of furniture whenever you pop around to visit? If you're constantly hearing, "I'm sorry about the poky coffee table," or "I know the bench doesn't suit this room," you have useful information not only about the type of bespoke furniture they might need but its size and style.

Invite them to browse bespoke furniture with you

Is the person in question with you now? Tell them you're looking for some bespoke furniture for yourself and ask for their advice.

While browsing our pages, they will almost certainly say something like, "Oh, they do extendable tables. Can we have a quick look?" or "I love those outdoor tables. We never have barbecues because there's nothing to sit out on." Da-da! You've unearthed some problems that you could help solve.

If they're not so forthcoming, offer to make a coffee, hand them the laptop and see what page they're on when you return!

Make it personal

The great advantage with bespoke furniture is you can customise and personalise a piece to make it truly unique, forging a lasting bond between you and the recipient.

Consider having the loved one's name and a special message engraved into a bedside table or kitchen bench so that they remember your gift with fondness for many years to come.

Make your budget go further

The quality of bespoke furniture does make it more expensive than mass-produced pieces, but there are ways to ease the financial pressure.

Pooling resources with friends and relatives is a fantastic way to fund a Christmas gift. You are sharing both the costs and the responsibility for deciding on exactly what furniture to buy.

Still can't decide? Give a 7Magok gift card instead

Buying bespoke furniture as a gift is a big responsibility, so if you are not confident that you can make that call, consider sending them a 7Magok gift card instead. We have denominations from £25 up to £500 and, of course, you can buy as many as you need.

Take a look at our Gifts page for more details.

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