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Find the perfect scaffolding table for you

Find the perfect scaffolding board table for you

Handmade...or home-made?

There is an important distinction to make between a scaffolding board table that has been lovingly handmade or hand-crafted by a talented craftsperson, and one which has been bolted together by an enthusiastic hobbyist.

Naturally, the latter will be a lot cheaper than the former, but is likely to lead to disappointment in the long run. You want to make sure that your scaffolding board table has been made from a good quality board and that it has been well-constructed using solid joinery techniques.

Pay attention also to the finish. Although splits, dents and saw marks add to the charm of scaffolding wood furniture, there is no excuse not to finish the piece professionally to protect it from natural wear and tear and the elements.

Make sure you always look at the customer reviews, especially regarding construction quality. 7Magok reclaimed wood tables are as strong and durable as any of our sustainable oak tables.

Horses for courses

Any type of table you can conceive can be built from scaffolding boards, so make sure you are looking at the right type of furniture before you buy. Check the length, width and height of the table carefully because dimensions can vary widely.

For example, a coffee table will be a lot lower than a dining table, so be careful not to be misled by product photographs. We would also recommend being cautious when fitting a scaffolding board table into a tight space. Dimensions are not always accurate, so check with the supplier before placing your order.

Don't forget the legs!

Be aware that some handmade furniture suppliers don't automatically include legs with their scaffolding board table tops. If you are surprised by how cheap a table is, there is a high likelihood that you will have to purchase the legs separately.

Reclaimed scaffold board table tops naturally tie in with box steel legs for a raw, industrial aesthetic, but you can achieve a different look simply through your choice of legs.

Hairpin legs, for example, create a retro vibe, especially if you choose a colourful paint, and there is no rule against combining your rugged table top with some smooth, Scandi-style prime oak legs for a quirky contrast piece.

Finish colour and shape options

Sticking with style, most quality reclaimed furniture suppliers will give you some finish options. For example, most of our pieces are available in a natural, grey wash or dark oak finish. We include photographs of each finish so you can appreciate the difference it makes to the overall feel of the table.

While the majority of reclaimed board tables you will see on the market are rectangular, you will find some square and round designs. For example, we sell a lovely round dining table ranging from a petit 80cm up to 130cm in diameter.

Customisation and customer service

If you want a table in a non-standard size or otherwise need something different to what's advertised, check whether the supplier offers customisation. A specialist handmade furniture supplier will often be able to customise a table or even build a bespoke piece.

Finally, be sure to check reviews for comments about customer service. Quality of customer care is just as important as the overall product quality, especially if things don't go as planned with your order.

We're committed to reclaimed and sustainable wood

For more information on 7Magok's commitment to the responsible use of wood, visit our Reclaimed and Recycled Wood page. By combining superb craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials and a commitment to customer service, we are confident you can find your perfect scaffolding board table here on our online store.

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