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Customer Guidance: Introducing Wooden Furniture


Tips on acclimatising your brand new piece of wooden furniture into its new environment


By taking the time to create the optimum environment for your new piece of wooden furniture, you will be getting the best out of your new product. Below is important advice on how to keep your wooden furniture in the best possible condition when introducing it into your space.



Wood moves with sudden changes of temperature and moisture


We all love the character and beauty of our solid wood boards. So to bring them carefully into their new life, we need to make sure they adapt gradually in the following way:


  • We strongly recommend, that heating be kept to a minimum in the room where you have your furniture for a period of at least 3 weeks.


  • After this time, do not allow sudden humidity or temperature variation in the space.


  • Avoid placing furniture in close proximity to radiators, heaters or other sources of heat, especially during the first few weeks of adjustment.


As wood is affected by heat and moisture, a hot dry environment will cause the wood to shrink, whilst a damp environment will cause it to swell. Exposure to sudden changes may cause some shrinking and splitting. So it is important you ensure that the wood is not exposed to these situations.

However, care has been taken in the production of your furniture, to mitigate the chances of movement as much as possible.

If you need any further information do let us know, we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


7MAGOK team