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Customer Guidance: Attaching Legs

ATTACHING LEGS How to do this safely and correctly


(NOTE IT CHANGES DEPENDING ON THE TABLE, THIS WE NEED TO SEE HOW WE WILL DO IT  - we need to see how images could be done here especially if there are various products)




Your table is being sent flat packed. It is very easy to assemble. Here are instructions which will guide you through the process of attaching the legs to the top and the black cap protectors to the underside of the extending mechanism

extending table - how to attach legs and runner protector caps

To attach the legs to top, it is very easy. This is best done in a pair, with each person on either side facing each other.

You will need a cross headed screwdriver for this and some blankets/carpet for protection.

(Using an electric screwdriver/impact driver may be easier to do this task, but is not essential.)

Start by clearing or laying out a space either on the floor or on another table top. This can be on a carpet, or using a blanket, an old towel or piece of cardboard to create a protective layer, on a hard surface.

Next, together with another person, place the wooden table top carefully, top-side down onto this protective layer, taking extra care not to hurt yourself.

Using the allan key provided, tighten the 2 black bolts at the top of each leg.

two bolts at the top of the leg

Place the legs where the markings or holes are, aligning them so that all the drilled holes are visible through the plate.

Using the 16 screws provided and a cross headed screwdriver, drive the screws in until they are firm but not fully tightened.

Continue like this with all the screws and then, once they are all in place, tighten them all fully.

Repeat the same procedure with each of the legs.


Please note we are sending you a set of 4 black plastic protectors which need screwing onto the underside of the top, at the end of the extending metal runners.

You will see that there is a pre-drilled hole, which allows them to be easily attached and serve as protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help

Enjoy your new table!!

7MAGOK team