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Handmade Reclaimed Furniture UK. FREE DELIVERY to UK, EU, USA
Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA
Make the most of spring with outdoor furniture from 7Magok

Make the most of spring with outdoor furniture from 7Magok

Will your outdoor furniture make it to next winter?

We've battled through a few storms this winter, and if we accept the science, bad weather is only going to get more common and more extreme going forward. We recommend you check your outdoor furniture for signs of wear and tear now because the last thing you want is for a bench or table to collapse during a family barbecue or al fresco meal.

Carefully inspect all joints and folding mechanisms because this is where the elements often get in and cause problems such as swelling, warping and rotting or rusting. Repairing the damage is an option, if you have the time and energy, but it can mean throwing good money after bad, especially if your furniture is only a few years old.

If there is cosmetic damage (e.g., flaking paint or surface scratches), you can often get away with a good sand and oil, depending on what materials your furniture is made from.

Either way, we recommend you consider recycling the materials and investing in a durable, sustainable replacement from 7Magok.

Custom built for wild weather

Every piece of our outdoor furniture is lovingly handmade by expert craftspeople with specialist skills in joinery and finishing. Each table and bench that leaves our Devon workshop has been robustly built and can be safely left outdoors all rear round, in any and all weathers.

Using a time-honoured and consistent finishing process, we will prepare the surfaces of your table or bench to handle both heavy rain and fierce sunshine. Where steel is used, this is powder-coated to beat off rust.

With normal usage, you can expect your 7Magok furniture to give you many years of trouble-free service, although we do recommend you oil it once or twice a year to keep it looking its best.

This is in stark contrast with mass factory-produced furniture where cheap materials, automated processes and a lack of care and attention can lead to shoddy products destined for landfill in a year or two.

Constructed from reclaimed or sustainable wood

7Magok outdoor furniture is made from either reclaimed scaffold board or sustainable timber (FSC-certified oak or Scandinavian redwood).

Our reclaimed wooden tables and benches will bring a unique character to your garden, patio or balcony. From nail holes and saw marks to bows and dents, we preserve every flaw without compromising the strength and durability of your piece. By supporting the circular economy, you will be reducing the inevitable carbon production that comes from sourcing new materials.

If you prefer the style of our solid wood outdoor furniture, you can rest assured that each stave of timber has come from sustainable sources. Scandinavian redwood (pine) is fast-growing and widely regarded as one of the most sustainable types of wood. Our oak staves are sourced from FSC-certified forests, which means that there will be no net loss of trees from your purchase.

In contrast, much mass-produced furniture is made from hard to trace timber with ethically dubious origins.

Browse our customisable outdoor furniture range today!

If you're excited by the thought of having a stylish new outdoor table and/or bench in place in time for the fine weather, please visit our dedicated Outdoor Furniture page today.

And remember! If you need us to customise a piece to fit your space, or to add a unique engraving, please let us know.

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