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Extendable Dining Tables and Kitchen Tables

Extendable Dining Tables and Kitchen Tables

Enjoy your available space with extendable dining tables and kitchen tables

Making the best use of your available space is easy with our range of extendable dining tables and kitchen tables. Choose from contemporary prime oak, rustic character oak or unique reclaimed scaffold board.

Our UK-based handmade round/oval and rectangular tables are available in several sizes and can be customised for your specific needs.


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Make the most of your space with a unique, UK-made, wood extendable dining table

Extendable dining tables and kitchen tables are the ideal solution for a common dilemma. In their compact form, our smallest tables are perfect for one or two people to enjoy a simple meal without dominating the dining room or kitchen. When extended, these same tables can comfortably seat up to six people, suitable for a Sunday roast with the family or when friends are staying.

If entertaining is a central part of your life, and you have ample space, our larger extendable dining tables can accommodate up to a dozen people when fully extended.

What does your perfect extendable dining table look like?

The beauty of 7Magok extendable dining tables and kitchen tables is that they can be customised to suit your family's needs and tastes.

Starting with the table top, you can opt for sustainable prime oak, with its uniform grain, or character oak, complete with natural knots and imperfections. For a truly unique look, consider reclaimed scaffold boards. These can include everything from saw marks and nail holes to spray paint and staining.

You get a similar choice with your table legs. Do you prefer the elegance of Scandi tapered wooden legs, each made from a single stave of oak? Or do you prefer the industrial aesthetic provided by box steel or hairpin legs.? You can even upgrade to choose from a range of coloured powder coats.

Browse our range and let us tailor your extendable dining table to your specification.