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From Farmhouse to Modern: The Versatility of 7Magok Wooden Dining Sets

From Farmhouse to Modern: The Versatility of 7Magok Wooden Dining Sets

Are you one of the many homeowners who love the beauty and functionality of oak? This article looks at how our range of FSC certified dining sets (table and benches) can be customised to meet your needs and the style of your home.

Dining Table Set, Solid Oak Table and Bench

Contemporary or rustic? It's all in the stave selection process

All 7Magok dining sets share the qualities of solid design, beautiful grain and durability, but our experienced and skilled furniture designers can control the overall aesthetic through their choice of oak stave.

A stave is simply a length of timber, and a full stave table top is carved from one length of timber with no joins. This not only makes the surface more durable, it looks more stylish.

Although every one of our dining sets is unique, we can broadly divide them into two styles: prime and rustic.

When selecting staves for our European prime oak dining sets, our designers will be looking for minimal knots and colour variation. This results in table tops and benches that have a pristine, modern look. This is epitomised by the Scandi style of furniture with its focus on clean lines and a light aesthetic.

For our rustic table tops and benches, our designers will seek out oak staves with a lot of character. Knots and other irregularities are welcomed because they enhance the hearty 'farmhouse' aesthetic with its nod to the natural outdoors.

4 & 6 Seater Dining Set Solid Oak, New KANTAR Collection

How your choice of legs will transform the overall look of your dining set

Don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right table and bench legs for your preferred style. We can roughly divide these into three: Scandi wooden, British Steel hairpin and industrial steel.

We make our Scandi style wooden legs from prime oak staves to create that characteristic clean and contemporary vibe. While this sits naturally with our prime table tops, you can add Scandi style legs to rustic tops too for an interesting contrast.

You can embrace another variation of the minimalist style by choosing British Steel hairpin legs. Born from the wartime designs of Henry P. Glass, when materials and labour were scarce, hairpin legs reflect the ideals of functionality and resourcefulness. Another bonus of hairpin legs is the ability to upgrade the powder coat finish to add colour that complements your home decor (options include red, yellow, duck egg blue, pastel green, copper, chrome and brass).

Finally, our X-Frame steel legs will instantly evoke an industrial aesthetic. These combine well with rustic table tops, but there is nothing stopping you from combining prime oak tops with steel legs.

Whatever style you decide on, you will need to make sure your dining set fits the way you use your home. This next section looks at the various options you have regarding size and arrangement.

Dining sets that meet your practical needs

Our dining sets come in a range of standard sizes, and it is important to think carefully about which size and configuration will fit your home.

There are no hard and fast rules about this, but our smaller tables (120cm x 80cm) are designed to comfortably seat a family of four. If you regularly have the grandparents or the couple next door around, a 160cm x 80cm table might be more practical for your needs. If you have a large family or regularly host dinner parties, a 190cm x 90cm table with two benches will easily accommodate eight guests.

You can also decide between buying two benches, to maximise each diner's personal space, or a single bench, for a compact and economical compromise. All benches are designed to fit snugly under the tables when not in use.

Finally, always remember that we are happy to customise your order to suit your needs, so if you need an extra large (or small) table or a unique combination of elements, please get in touch.

Browse our range of sustainable wooden dining sets

We hope this article has given you some ideas about how to begin your search for the ideal dining set. Visit our dedicated Dining Sets page and please contact us if you have any questions.

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