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Dining tables with a difference: choosing your ideal table

Dining tables with a difference: choosing your ideal table

Are you on the hunt for a good quality dining table? We have plenty of rustic, industrial and contemporary designs to show you. But before you visit our dining tables page, let us tell you about our company and how you can easily find what you're looking for.

What can you expect from a 7Magok dining table?

Before looking at the different types of dining tables you can find on our website, we want to highlight what makes 7Magok different from many of the other furniture suppliers out there.

First, we are specialists in handmade wooden furniture, so all of our pieces have been lovingly crafted by hand. This guarantees that each item is unique.

Second, most of our furniture is built from reclaimed or sustainable wood. Almost all of our dining tables are made either from FSC certified oak or reclaimed scaffold boards.

With dozens of dining tables to choose from, we understand that the choice can be overwhelming. So we have taken away some of the complexity by looking at three factors that will help you to narrow down your choices - and find the table that suits you and your home.

choosing your ideal table - examples of table tops

From intimate to family-friendly: a size to suit your home

Deciding on the ideal size of your dining table is a good place to start. We recommend measuring your available space and thinking carefully about how much room you need around your table.

Most products on our website include a seating guide within the photo gallery. This shows you how many people can comfortably sit round a table of a specific diameter.

choosing your ideal table top finish

For example, if you look at the KANTAR collection round oak dining table on tapered legs, you can see that the smallest table (80cm) seats two, while the largest (130cm) can seat six.

If you have a large family, or like to entertain friends and neighbours, our industrial reclaimed dining table (scaffold wood on hairpin legs) has a 230cm option which can cater for up to 12 diners!

For more flexibility, an extendable dining table might be the solution. For example, our extendable round dining table on Danish steel legs offers various configurations. The smallest extends from 90cm (capacity for two) to 150cm (capacity for six), while the largest extends from 120cm (capacity for four) to 200cm (capacity for twelve).

Once you've decided on a size - or range of sizes - that might work in your home, it's time to explore the various materials we can offer.


A range of sustainable FSC oak and reclaimed wood table tops

Since all of our wooden-topped dining tables are made from either sustainable oak or reclaimed scaffold boards, you only need to choose the type of finish you prefer.

Some people like to see an even grain throughout their surface with few knots and minimal colour variation. If this sounds like you, we recommend looking out for the words 'Prime oak.' This means that our crafters have carefully selected each stave of wood to create a consistent, contemporary finish. Our AMA solid oak, round dining table on hairpin legs is just one example you might want to look at.

Other people prefer the charm of a more rustic wood surface, 'knots and all'. If you love this effect, look out for the words 'rustic oak' or 'character oak'. Our FAMILYA dining table (solid oak on Danish steel legs) might interest you.

Then there are our table tops made from reclaimed scaffold boards. These often include unique imperfections such as saw marks, nail holes, spray paint and more.

choosing Sturdy legs in oak or steel for your dining table

Sturdy legs in oak or steel

You've narrowed down your options by size and surface type. Now, it's time to focus on table legs.

7Magok dining tables come with a wide variety of different leg styles. If you warm to the elegant Scandi aesthetic, many of our pieces feature beautifully tapered wooden legs in that style. If you are more into industrial, no-nonsense furniture, take a look at our tables with box steel or A-frame legs.

Several of our tables also come with hairpin legs, invented in the mid-21st Century by the designer Henry P. Glass. These popular steel legs can usually be powder coated, with several different colour options per design.

We hope this brief journey through our dining tables will help you choose the ideal piece for your home. Please visit our dedicated dining tables page and enjoy browsing!

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