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6 tips for finding your ideal home or office desks

6 tips for finding your ideal home or office desks

Tip 1: Get the dimensions right

Whether you're sourcing home or office desks, getting the dimensions right is very important.

The height of computer and office desks is particularly important for ensuring employees or students are maintaining a healthy working posture throughout the day. While it is possible to raise or lower the height of a laptop or monitor, it is much better to ensure that desks are at the right height in the first place.

In terms of width and depth, you will need to balance your available space with the amount of working room you require. 20cm might not sound much, but it could give you the space you need for a water bottle or notebook.

On the other hand, if your desk is too big, you could end up taking up useful office or study space for little benefit.

Having the opportunity to choose from a wide range of sizes is great, but it is even better if you can specify custom dimensions (this is something you can do with 7Magok desks).

Tip 2: Durability

Of course, you will want your home or office desks to be durable, but how can you best ensure that?

The evidence is in both the materials used for construction and the way the desk has been assembled. Good quality wood, such as oak, is a classic material for desk surfaces. Providing you wipe it down, oil it annually, and take precautions with spillages, etc., a quality oak desk will serve you well for many years.

If you are buying office desks for a communal area, or home desks or gaming desks for children or teens, you might want to consider a Formica surface. This is easy to wipe down and very hard-wearing.

In terms of joinery, we recommend looking for good quality handmade home and office desks rather than mass-produced ones.

Tip 3: Sustainability

Are you considering buying wooden home or office desks? UK students and employees are increasingly demanding their institutions prioritise locally-sourced, sustainable, materials.

To be a responsible consumer, check that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. This is easily done by buying only FSC certified timber. Alternatively, opt for reclaimed wood. This is an even more eco-friendly solution since you are recycling something which has already been made.

Tip 4: Storage and legroom

While storage can be a useful addition for a desk, there is usually a trade-off with legroom. It can be frustrating when drawers and shelves force us into a cramped seating position and make it difficult to reach cables, etc.

Unless storage is essential, consider opting for minimalist style desks. Desks with a sturdy surface and legs on each corner will give you maximum legroom as well as space for cables. 

Tip 5: Style and appearance

While size and functionality are the most critical attributes of a home or office desk, its style is also important - after all, someone will likely be sitting at it for the bulk of their working day.

Desk style is also a component of your branding. The appearance of your reception desks, for instance, will influence how other people view you or your company.

For modern style desks, a wood with an even grain and minimal colour variation is ideal. This is epitomised by the popular Scandi style desks. If you prefer a no-nonsense, industrial look, rustic style desks or reclaimed wood desks on sturdy steel legs might be more appropriate.

If you're buying writing desks for children, consider hairpin steel legs finished in a colourful powder coat. These vintage style desks are also great for tying in with office decor (e.g., as an accent colour).

Tip 6: Choose 7Magok for your home or office desks

UK-based handmade furniture specialists 7Magok offer a wide range of home or office desks. Each of our designer desks is carefully crafted in our Totnes workshop and can be custom-built to your specified dimensions.

Visit our dedicated Home or Office Desks page to browse our selection.

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