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Handmade reclaimed furniture. FREE Delivery, UK, EU, USA
Happy 7 year Anniversary 7MAGOK!

Happy 7 year Anniversary 7MAGOK!

Today is our 7 Year Anniversary! That's 7 years making sustainable furniture for our wonderful customers and their homes, offices and businesses alike.

Our business was born in mid December 2015. We up-cycled reclaimed furniture and sold them on eBay. We loved the way we could create beautiful things out of recycling wood and we saw that people were also interested in a more sustainable way of life. Furniture is the soul of any house, and with our reclaimed scaffold board tables our customers noticed that their characterful warm attributes brings something very special to their home. 

Very soon we discovered a demand for our sustainable furniture in the UK. 

We made our new home for selling our new creations and loved how it put us in front of millions more people ! We moved from our tiny home garage to a workshop in Totnes and for the first time making reclaimed wood tables desks and other gorgeous characterful ethical pieces became our everyday..

We now sell our handmade tables on Etsy and our online store. Our clients originally came from the UK but over the last few years our tables have been sold all over Europe ! And most recently we have been discovered by our American friends! Californians seem to love our round extendable tables ! As well as our reclaimed table sets!

So to celebrate our 7 years we want to introduce you our 7-strong star team. All of us contribute in different ways and all of us are as important as the next !   

So here we go ! 

Meet Agus ! 

Our Chief, the head of 7MAGOK, directs and manages our incredible team of skilled workers, answering clients, dealing with suppliers, developing our brand… the list is endless. Who said men can’t multitask?!?!? Agus holds the show together with his incredible strength and focus, always giving 100%

La Directora !, Maya our magnificent designer and director, has been founder and creator of 7MAGOK from the ground upwards …Her unique eye and intuition to design and business projection are paramount to the ongoing growth and success of the company ! 

Back home in Hungary he is known as “the bear”, Gabor has been a continuous and reliable worker over the years! Thanks a lot for your valuable contribution to 7MAGOK!

He said he was joining us for a couple of weeks to lend a hand and here he is still with us after 3 years! Roger has 4 decades of experience working in furniture refurnishing and finishing! Give him any challenge to fix and he will turn it into a piece of art!!
With Roger is a laugh guaranteed, and an assured good sleep on Weds and Fridays !

Has joined us in recent months, bringing a huge amount of enthusiasm and energy to the team. Always ready for the next task, and generously sharing his great hand in Moroccan cuisine with the 7MAGOK team ! Bring on the next Tajin, Jey!

With his boundless energy and enthusiasm Geoff has worked tirelessly behind the scenes bringing to life the 7MAGOK brand on the internet via a brand new website and a multitude of social media outlets. We’re backkkk!!!! 

Is our brand new joiner who has been with us a few months. James has been a fantastic addition to the team, with a calm and collected attitude he has been a great support on the joinery front! Great work!

So thats our 7 - but ! We had to mention Tim - who has recently left to start his own business!

Master joiner Tim was with us during the formative years. His input was significant in all respects! He worked with us over a period of 4 years and now has moved on as an entrepreneur, developing his own company. He left a great mark on the company ! As always, many thanks again Tim!
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